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American Accent Training with top-notch techniques & methodologies


American Accent/ Versant Training Include:



MTI Reduction (Mother Tongue Influence)

Practical American Listening & Speaking

training via Versant software

Intonations/ Modulations



General Word Pronunciation

American Sounds (AW, SS,VE, R etc..)

American Liaisons

Accent Techniques





An American Listening & Speaking Test conducted

by MNCs at a job interview and for IJP.

Talent Resourze uses the Versant software for

practical Listening & Speaking Training.


Part A - Reading

Part B - Repeat

Part C - Questions

Part D - Sentence Builds

Part E - Story Retellings

Part F- Open Questions


Can I Learn a New Accent?
Yes, you can :)

For your accent, it's just a matter of learning and practicing

the techniques given to you by Talent Resourze.

How well you do depends mainly on how open and willing

you are to sounding different from the way you have

sounded all your life.

*We follow high standards of American Accent training

methodologies and techniques which can easily be grasped

by everyone and can be learnt in a swift time with

impeccable results.




Award Winning Corporate Training Company

"We make Ordinary people Extraordinary"

- Salman Ansari CEO

(International Award Winner)

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